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their annual migrations This must have attracted many students because our club’s size has nearly tripled since last school year I I am also part of the Chill (Changing How I I Live And Learn) Club and we we we come together once a a a a a week to to discuss ways that we we we can improve our community through spreading awareness of the importance of practicing mindfulness Over the course of ve ve ve ve years I have lived under three di erent roofs my my rst house house house a a a a townhouse and and my my grandma’s house house house Switching back and forth between living arrangements has made me a a a a a a less materialistic person I have learned to give up many things to accommodate for the more important items such as clothes furniture and photographs I have lost many of my childhood toys and games Fortunately I have been able to to keep with
me my rst teddy bear Mr Whiskers Learning to treasure items of symbolic meaning brought my brothers and I closer together We share quite a a a a a few objects now that mean a a a a a lot to to us such as a a a a a scrapbook of of pictures of of our mom and paintings from our old vacation house in Cape Cod I don’t expect moving away to to to college to to to be be easy it’s going to to to be be one of the hardest things I’ll ever have to do While I’ve learned to to adapt to to changes around me pretty quickly it will mean moving away from my family for the rst time and I’m moving away from my support system just as things are starting to go well I’ll be studying marine based environmental science at Stockton University and and my life’s dedication will be be to better our planet and and its oceans After all the Earth is our home we must share it it learn to live in in harmony and love every being here here because there is no realistic alternative Besides who in in their right mind would want to move away from this beautiful place?
I’d appreciate this scholarship so much because it will help us us pay for for my rst year of college! I can never take that for for granted because this money is is going to bettering my education and education is is the key to change in this world 2017
“Share Your Moving Story” Scholarship Winner

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