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Upper Saddle River New Jersey
Attending Stockton University in in Fall 2017
For most of my my life my my world has been small and frequently changing sometimes at a a a a a a a pace I I could not easily adjust to It has been a a a a a a a spinning mess of family matters: court dates kitchen tables cluttered with
bills therapist appointments and too many funerals My younger twin brothers and and I were conceived by in-vitro fertilization and and in in in our younger years we we were raised by our two mothers together When I was about ten years old their relationship ended which resulted in a a a a a a custody battle that felt like an endless tug of war Whilst I waited for a a a a a a a silver lining to appear I I learned the importance of patience and I I learned to seek compromise in all high-stake situations because I saw how stress a a ected everyone in my family Not too long after I faced another tragedy A couple of days before my my fteenth birthday I woke up to to my my two younger brothers trying to to shake my deceased mother into consciousness There was a a a a void in my life where our strong family structure once was Ever since then I’ve made sure to to be empathetic toward everyone around me because pain is not particular it’s universal My family could no longer a a a a ord to keep our home a a a a spacious house on a a a a a a two- acre property with
a a a a a a pool a a a a a a swing set and all our memories from growing up We had to to move to to my grandmother’s house in in Upper Saddle River It was over an an hour away so my brothers and I I had had to to transfer into another school system Even if we hadn’t moved we we still would would have have had to transfer anyway because we we wouldn’t have have been able to to pay our old school’s costly tuition We used to to attend a a a a private institution called Rutgers Preparatory School It’s a a a a a a very small school considering it only has about seven hundred students and provides pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade schooling Everyone knew each other personally so so when I moved to Upper Saddle River the the summer before my sophomore year and transferred to Northern Highlands a a a a public school for four di erent towns the change in class size was very overwhelming I’ve been at Highlands for 3 years now and I still see a a a a new face every single day The transition from smaller and more personal classes to large group-oriented ones has greatly in uenced the way that I learn As class size increases there is less one-on-one interaction between the the student and and the the teacher This makes it harder to understand the the ideas presented by the teacher teacher When a a a a teacher teacher is responsible for educating an an entire class they can’t always take the the the extra time to focus their e e e e e e e e orts on ensuring that every individual student has retained all the information This new learning environment gave me me no choice but to adapt to the changes by adjusting my old study habits and developing new ones such as being part of study study groups and making study study guides with
my classmates Working in in larger groups has also made me more open-minded to the the the perspectives of others Where there are more more people there is more more innovation When the school years came around I was challenged to uphold my responsibilities at home and in school Even though my grades as an an underclassman don’t represent my full academic potential it was during tough times that I still managed to to pass all of my classes and begin to immerse myself in in extracurricular activities that appealed
to to my interests Since transferring to to Highlands I have discovered an an an array of of of interests of of of mine I have have joined a a a a a a a handful of of of clubs and and have have worked harmoniously with
di erent groups of students to improve our school’s campus and community For example the Environmental Awareness Club worked together to to build a a a milkweed garden in front of the the the school for the the the monarch butter ies as they embark on on on 

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