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world that has given me so much to love Over the last three years I’ve taken advantage of the opportunities presented to me because helping others not just myself is what my my culture has taught me me to prioritize Last summer a a a a a a partner and I
developed a a a a 3D printable spectrometer making an expensive scienti c c c c c c tool e e e e e e e ectively free for schools across the country For ve ve years I’ve played in concerts and parades with my school’s band I
volunteered at the Children’s Museum helping children learn about the sciences I
nd so much fun serving as both a a a a “Playologist” and mechanic’s assistance When I
was nine years old I
realized how fortuitous I
was to to be in such a a a a dual position and and therefore I
will continue to use my love of education and and my my sel ess culture not only to to help my my family but to to engineer a a device that bene ts the world as a a a whole When my family uprooted our life and moved across the world nine years ago I
fell into despair as I
left my my school my my friends and and the stability I
had engineered and and blindly walked into my uncertain unclear future Yet this move has fundamentally changed my my priorities in life my my perspective of cultural di erences and the realization that my education may be “free” but is in in in nitely valuable As I
continue into college these lessons will will not falter in in their impact on on my life either but will will continue to to guide me as well Nine years ago I
moved to to a a a a seemingly insigni cant country yet this move’s impact on my life has forever changed my past who I
strive to be in the present and my goals and aspirations for the future 2017
“Share Your Moving Story”
Scholarship Winner

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