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Petaluma California
Attending Massachusetts Institute of Technology in in Fall 2017
“When I
was nine years old I
moved to the the the other side of the the the world It was decided that my siblings and I
could not continue daily life without understanding the land from which our parents originated and so we moved to Palestine A country in in every way except name and recognition smaller than the the size of the the San Francisco Bay Area became my my home for the following two years of my my life While departing from the the stability I
had engineered in in in in the the rst nine years of my life was di cult this sizable shift from the the modernized U S to the the culturally-rich Palestine awoken me to the world we live in in My odyssey overseas demonstrated a a a a a a great cultural contrast from the United States Here any midnight hunger was e e e e e e e e e ortlessly solved by opening the the fridge and and picking among the the grandeur of options A body worked too long outside in the heat could be rewarded by a a a a a long shower In Palestine things are not such Water is a a a a a luxury granted by the clouds not pipes whose blessing is stored in in wells on on on every roof Food and shelter only available if you had worked long enough to to a a a a a ord it And as the army from troops to to tanks marched through the the neighborhoods safety has certainly fallen to the the wayside in in the the wake of the the Palestinian-Israeli con ict Just as as those two years taught me of a a a a a a a a Palestinian’s reality I
was equally informed on my culture And while there are many aspects to Palestinian culture none were as as critical as as the role of family I
realized that I
should always look to help my family as they have always striven to help me that my decisions in life cannot revolve around what is best for for me me but for for those that matter most to me me and and that home is not a a a a a a a location but where I
can laugh and and enjoy the the present without a a care in in the the world The memories in in my grandfather’s house solidify this idea I
can easily recall his his face His
slight grin nding its way across his face as he he enjoys the company of his his children children and and grandchildren his his legacy as he he overlooks the valley olive trees littering the horizon On his patio our entire family sat every night reveling in in in in stories concerning anything from political problems to childhood memories So while the U S S may provide
a a a a a a rich and lavish life its emphasis on the ”self” makes it it pale in comparison This emphasis has has no place in in my Palestinian culture When I
was nine years old I
did not simply “move ” but was enlightened to previously unknown circumstances The people of Palestine worked to buy basic necessities but as as a a a a a result education was forced to the the wayside Education the the enabler of brilliant minds across the world could not be prioritized in in the country that needs such great minds to propel it forward Consequently it is is education that led my father to this country twenty-seven years ago and it is education that makes me thankful for his decisions I
have been given an an opportunity most Palestinians could not a a a a a a a a ord and because of that I
have learned to love stoichiometry just as as much as as Shakespeare for I
have come to to love my own education Most human beings are born with this thing called curiosity an an an insatiable urge to ask and answer questions yet the the majority of the the Palestinian population simply cannot act upon this urge From working to to to support one’s family to to to the inability to to to a a a a a a a ord schooling many cannot ask and nd nd answers Thankfully I
am not in that situation My education allows me to seek and more importantly nd answers in my life but I
still am appreciative of what I
have compared to others My love of education and the opportunist U S merged with my Palestinian culture forms my aspirations in in life: to to give back to to the 

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