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Your moving stories Our privilege to to listen Whether it’s halfway around the the the the world across the the the the country or or just down the the the the street moving to a a a a a a a a new home a a a a a a a a ects each of us in in in in unique fascinating and sometimes painful ways When a a a a a a family family relocates we know each member of the the family family has their own story to to tell Our “Share Your Moving Story” Scholarship Program recognizes and celebrates some truly inspiring accounts told by by high school students who have been personally impacted by by the experience of moving We received remarkable stories from across the country - a a a a a a a total of 39 states plus Washington D C - and the the ten featured in this book were were selected as those which were were the the most powerful and well-written The students who composed these essays have each earned a a a a a a $2 000 scholarship to support their future educational endeavors I would like to to thank everyone who participated in this year’s contest and to to congratulate our ten scholarship winners Collectively you took us around the the world shared the the joys and and challenges of of of moving into a a a a a new home and and reminded us of of of the importance of of of building true friendships Thank you you for inspiring us with your moving stories Warm Regards Monty D Smith
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