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small talks with strangers that that I had never met before realizing that that I I I did not have to to prepare what I I I was going to to say before I I I spoke Through the years of challenges and barriers I encountered in my life I have learned to embrace my my insecurities such as my my unique name di erent ethnic background and the thick accent I have grown to understand that these aspects of me complete my identity and and make me stand out as an an an individual I am no longer afraid to speak Korean in front of people and share my culture because they have transformed me me into who I am now:
a a a a a a stronger person who is not afraid of challenges and can truly embrace the unexpected With this faith and con dence in in myself I seek to enroll in in a a a 4-year university as a a a a a rst-generation college student next fall I hope to ful ll ll my intellectual curiosities in in mathematics and civil engineering I will strive to achieve my dream of building a a bridge Ever since my rst encounter with the Golden Gate Bridge in in San Francisco I have always dreamed of designing and and constructing an an an innovative and and unique bridge that connects people and their ideas Furthermore I hope to to give back to to my community which has inspired and encouraged me to dream of higher education during the time of tears and struggles I plan to help and share my knowledge with younger students that are in in similar situations as as I was by creating a a a a a a a a club to visit local elementary and middle schools to not only provide academic support but also to build true life connections with students 2017
“Share Your Moving Story”
Scholarship Winner

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