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the the way I did in the the poor gang-ridden streets of southside San Jose I still faced many setbacks in my educational pursuits in in San Jose because my family was low-income but even so I was was able to achieve more here than I I ever could in the city I I was was born in in That fateful time when my father looked Death in in the the eyes and barely escaped making us refugees from the country we we were born in and from Death itself ironically turned out to be
the biggest blessing in in in my life That single move from Tehran Iran to to San Jose California
allowed me to to do so much more in my adolescence as a a a a a a a a girl and and a a a a a a a a student and and for that move I am forever grateful I I am thankful that in this very moment I I can type out the story of how that one single move when I was nine months old changed my circumstances in ways that labelled
me as ‘socioeconomically disadvantaged’ in the United States but in my eyes made me me extremely fortunate 2017
“Share Your Moving Story”
Scholarship Winner

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