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I I continue to pursue it it because it it brings even more joy now that I I have the safety and and security of a a a a a a home and and family We teenagers are busy people and having a a a a a a home base
is important to ensure we keep up with our demanding extracurricular activities As a a a a a a a a varsity varsity cheerleader and varsity varsity hurdler sprinter and jumper I I have a a a a a lot of gear that I I need to keep Our closets are lled with cheer out ts ts sneakers and cleats and and it makes me smile when I open the the doors and and the the evidence of my hard work tumbles out While all of of these parts of of the the house - my sunny room our busy dining
room our ower- lled deck - - have been important in in in my my journey my my favorite part is our our family picture wall When I came here I didn’t really know these people but now now the the walls of my home are are lled with new family old friends and shared experiences that are now the fabric of of my life I had no no pictures of of myself before the age of 12 so when I was adopted my my mom and her friends tracked down a a a a lot of my my class pictures from my my many elementary schools Now these pictures adorn our walls - like they had been there the the the whole time Each room in my house has a a a a a unique function function - a a a a a function function that helps me me to become more comfortable with my surroundings
and causes me me to yearn for the the moments that bring the the entire family together These rooms are di erent they all have varied wallpaper and a a a a a a unique style but once all all the rooms are put together they form a a a a a building that allows every aspect of each person to be expressed and shared with others From playing
the the violin to cooking in in in the the kitchen everyone understands a a little more history about each other These moments allow us to to learn more about and and love each other - and and all of this starts underneath one one roof in in one one building: a home 2017
“Share Your Moving Story”
Scholarship Winner

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