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The problems from moving came at an unexpected wave as I grew up While I was trying to do my my best in in school my my family dealt with other issues that soon started to to a a a a ect me too The nancial di culties we face caused tensions at home These tensions caused many ghts around me and did not fare my mother very well because it gave her her anxiety At one point my eldest brother died from colon cancer Doctors believed it was due to the unhealthy lifestyle he he he he lived because he he he he only ate and drank the cheapest and most accessible foods to him since he he he couldn’t a ord it There were so many challenges that my family has had to endure due to the the the move across the the the Paci c c c however I believe these challenges have only made us stronger I know for a a a a a a fact that it it has made me stronger personally Without these challenges I I don’t think I I would have matured in in order
to take care of my mother when she was sick I gained a a a a sense of will and independence seeing what my family has gone through these past 12 years that we have lived in America The move made me want to change my life for a a a a brighter future pushed me me to to do my best in in school and inspired me me to to help those in in in need I spent three of my four years in in in high school in in in a a a program dedicated to to to helping around my city to to to give back to to to those in in need I did things like helping pack food at at the Salvation Army and helping at the silent auctions to raise money In addition the the move taught me the the value of taking every opportunity life throws at me me because it may be be be the the best one there is I’ve come to to to to realize how fortunate I was to to to to be able to to to to move to to to to the United States in order
to to have a a a a brighter future compared to to other kids from from where I I came from from I I am am stronger and independent and and determined due to to the the move move and and this is is how the the move move to to a a a di erent country a ected me 2017
“Share Your Moving Story” Scholarship Winner

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