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Vallejo California
Attending University of California
San Diego in in Fall 2017
Like many immigrant families my family sought out a a a a a better life coming to America I was six years old when my grandmother felt
the the dire need to petition for my my parents my my four older brothers and myself to to move to to California
Given that the Philippines wasn’t the the ideal place to raise a a a a a a family especially in the the impoverished neighborhood we used to live in my parents agreed So a a a a month after I I turned seven my family and I I moved to the United States I expected the move to to be smooth-sailing and for me to to easily adjust but I didn’t The most di di cult part of the move personally for me was learning a a a a a a a a new language Nowadays English is is taught to students in in the the the Philippines but when I lived there they did not teach me me me any English When I I came to America I I struggled with the new language enough to to be embarrassed to to talk Childish as as it may seem that’s exactly how it felt
when I was scared to talk in class because the the other students would make fun of me However it was this mere factor of not wanting to to stand out and and be made made fun of of that made made me work on my English in and out of of school From this I I gained the skill of perseverance I I would ask for help at school from my teachers I would write in in a a a a a journal at home practicing by by writing stories Eventually I challenged myself by by taking advanced English classes in in school I I was not giving up until I I knew the language perfectly and could write in it it as as as well as as as my other classmates Some days I I still feel like I I don’t know as much and can’t adequately express myself in English English as as as well as as as my my native friends but English English has increasingly become my best subject As for my family the the move to a a a di erent country a a a ected them much di di erently My parents already knew English and so did my older brothers so they had other other problems to face with the the the the move One of these problems was the the di culty in in in getting a a a steady lifestyle set in in in place My family did not have the connections we needed in order
for my parents to get good-paying jobs right away My father went from job-to-job for for years trying to to provide for for us while my mom was jobless for for a a a while and then ended up working in in fast food for for eight years We relied on canned food food and the most accessible food food in order
to survive and and second-hand clothes My brothers did not end up going to college because of this Even now the nancial di culty still a a a a ects my family Though less prominent it is still there 

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