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But here is when it became amazing and and the sadness and and shock started started to shift Dozens of our friends started started showing up at the house to take baskets of waterlogged clothes and and sheets and and blankets The Red Cross came and provided vouchers so we could get personal products at CVS like shampoo and and deodorant and and a a a a a a hairdryer My Mom’s friend at work started a a a a a a GoFundMe page for my family so we could replace our furniture and belongings Friends opened up their homes instantly Food arrived Family came from out of state Those with pick-up trucks started hauling load load after load load of destroyed belongings to the local dump Local realtors pulled together listings knowing we would need a a permanent rental as as soon as as possible and we started to look for a a a a a a a new home I’m not kidding It was crazy amazing And when we found a a a new place to to rent back in town the help did not stop there While my my uncle and and grandfather were up in my my new new room assembling IKEA furniture so I I could sleep in in my new new room on that very rst night my Mom’s best friends were setting up the new new kitchen with everything from a a new new microwave to new dishtowels sponges and cleaning products The girls I dance with and and my classmates at at school school brought me clothes and and school school supplies A woman who worked at a a a shoe store brought me new Birkenstocks identical to to the the ones burned in the the re NINE DAYS after the re re we we were 100% moved into our new apartment 100% moved in Furniture delivered rooms set up and beds made The clothing we we were able to salvage because of the fast action on on the part of my Mom’s friends who washed everything right away was folded and in the bureau drawers Plants were delivered Our Our refrigerator was stocked Our Our bellies were full and our hearts so full of gratitude and connection words cannot express My home was never the Plum Island townhouse It sounds cliché I I know but true I I have a a a a a a tribe a a a a a a safety net a a a a a a support group an extended clan This was a a a community community move My community community I received a a a card in in the the week following the the re re that destroyed our Plum Island townhouse On the front it said “Happiness doesn’t have just one address ”
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