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Newburyport Massachusetts
Attending University of Massachusetts
Amherst in in Fall 2017
I have moved 8 8 times in 18 years So when my Mom and her boyfriend Paul decided it was time to to move in together and become a a a a family we found the most amazing townhouse to to rent on Plum Island My Mom and I had been in in a a a a a a really cute 2 bedroom apartment in in town but it was tiny and had no yard We needed a a a a a a bigger place We moved to to the Plum Island townhouse in December 2015 It had 3 oors and the top oor oor was where we spent most of our time It was one big oor with a a a a kitchen dining room room table and living room room all together We were surrounded on three sides by windows and an an outside deck From virtually every side side we could see the ocean Even though my Mom and I had lived together alone for almost 10 years adjusting to living with Paul Paul was easy Paul Paul had managed the local bookstore for 23 years He is really kind and a a a a a a popular guy in in the community He found one spot on on the north-facing deck to read when it it became warmer We called it it his perch My Mom had space enough to lay out her paints easel and canvases She began painting every day and and never had to box up up her supplies and and get them o o o the the kitchen table like she used to do in our old apartment Come the summer I was very tan and and my hair lightened by sun and and sea My friends loved that I I lived on Plum Island 6
houses from the beach This was was a a a a a a happy home Life at the beach was was good Sunday August 14 2016 was just another beautiful sunny carefree summer day I was at a a a a a going-o -to-college party for one of my friends in town Then I got the the call the the frantic one from my Mom She and and Paul were okay she she said but our home was on re re and and she she wanted me me to to hear it from from her and not from from anyone else She told me me it started in in in in the adjoining townhouse but everyone had gotten out in in in in time My Mom told me me I could stay in town with my friends because it it might be upsetting to see our house going up up in in in ames but I wanted to be there with my my Mom and Paul I had my my friends drive me me home and and what I saw was chaos and and tra c c c c backed up for a a a a a a a a a mile Fire trucks from 10 di erent communities showed up to ght the blaze My cat Willy was inside my Mom’s car and NOT happy about it Hundreds
of of summer vacationers stood on on on our our street in front of of our our home Neighbors were making videos later posting them on YouTube The Boston news news channels and dozens of news news outlets covered the story https://www bostonglobe com/metro/2016/08/15/ re ghters- from-several-communities-battle-plum-island-house- re/ au9Mqa5LIvWMN30OH3pWyN/story html
Our happy home was gone Just like that Without warning Not fair We never lived in in our Plum Island townhouse again The re completely destroyed the the other townhouse both inside and and out and and while the the outside of our townhouse looked relatively untouched the the inside of of our our townhouse and 90% of of our our belongings were gone The remen had to to enter our townhouse and knock down the shared walls on the the top and middle oor in in order to to to get to to to the the re’s origin on on the the other side That left piles of debris soot and and water on on and and in everything We returned to to the house a a a a few days later to to clean out the the the debris Yes to to to add insult to to to injury the the the owner of the the the townhouse insisted we clean out the charred furniture waterlogged mattresses appliances and boxes of personal belongings within days H 

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