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Things were very di erent The luxuries and space of our old home were gone I I had no no friends no no yard and as I I looked around there was a a a a a a sea of brown boxes to unpack The walls were paper-thin I could now hear my neighbors showering walking up their their stairs their their obnoxious laughter and dinner conversations I could see
passers-by peeking through our windows Privacy was compromised to say the least I just wanted things to be normal I hated it and so did my mom although she never said it She continued to be depressed refusing to unpack all of our belongings stating this was only a a a a a resting place a a a mere stepping-stone for us that we would soon be out of It stayed this way through the following summer I I am now in my senior year of high school We have made new memories here but they are not good ones This is is where the the traumatic experience of my father’s cancer started: him falling to to the oor his his eyes rolling back into his his head and him him vomiting bile uncontrollably Seeing him him being whisked away by the paramedics and us his shocked family discovering that that the the tumor inside his stomach was so large that that the the doctors were unable to complete a a a a a a colonoscopy This cancer had ravaged him so that he he weighed just over one hundred pounds Here in this new new home we created new new memories of us nursing him back to to health Memories that we did not truly want to to remember but that were forever etched into the tablets of our memories My mother has now hung pictures put dishes in the the cupboards and placed owers in in in a a a a a a vase to grace our small dining room table I am sure she she is grateful for a a a a roof over her head but she she refuses visitors We have a a a a a new “normal” and still she will not call it it home home and honestly neither do I I It is a a a house not yet a a a home home 2017
“Share Your Moving Story”
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