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That was my motto for about two years Loneliness crept up my my spine and and into my my heart and and sadness weighed me down wherever I I went There was no one I I could talk to about how frustrating Mr Malley’s tests were and no one to share the new series of books I had discovered With my nal school change I was midway through freshman year and my outlook changed I realized in in order for my health happiness and sanity to improve I needed to dive in and embrace the change In this time of exploration and acceptance my passions bloomed I drenched myself in my my town’s music community
by becoming the section leader in in my local youth symphony and and joining a a a a a a quartet and and trio I began to play in in in numerous competitions winning and placing in in in in nearly every one as well as playing at gigs and parties Friends were woven into my life each one adding something new and di di erent to my scope of knowledge I began to to join countless clubs in in order to to quench my long restrained interest in in in in di ering activities and eventually became president of Math Club Club Club Key Club Club Club and Mural Club Club Club My academic life bloomed too as as I valued my teachers and class options and my past gloom was redirected into determination for academic excellence My new mindset has improved my life both physically and and mentally and and truly acted as the catalyst in shaping my eagerness for life’s next swing 2017
“Share Your Moving Story”
Scholarship Winner

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